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    Re: Superjet runs, but won't shut off. Advice needed!

    Both of ya should do a leak down test, and op should pull the ebox and go at it with a ohm meter

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    Re: Superjet runs, but won't shut off. Advice needed!

    So here is an update. Decided to say screw it with the start-stop switch and just turned down the idle like it was for all the years I raced biggie..just frustrating to not get to the bottom of the electrical gremlin. So I go to launch it at the ramp and it's wants to bog at anything more than half throttle and 3/4 of the way home it dies leaving me dead in the water...ahh fun. inspection of the fuel lines reveals that there is some sediment or crap floating in the fuel lines...I had drained the fuel tank prior to storing it for several years but apparently there was either some dried 2-stroke oil residue or perhaps internal disintegration of two original Yamaha fuel lines that were still there, I had replaced all of the others.. so now I am going to drain the fuel tank again, replace the old fuel lines and change the fuel filter... Run it and see how it feels. I already ordered a dual carb rebuild kit that I will have on hand if it doesn't seem guess is chances are nine out of ten I will need to take the carbs off and clean them..sigh... If I didn't have so much work in this superjet getting it just how I want it....
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