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    Re: Krash 50 Cal Foot Rocket Rider Review

    Quote Originally Posted by mrjdm View Post
    Just wanted to post since people will find this searching about krash. I have a kv997 reaper. I got my ski towards end of the year of 2018.

    There were the following minor issues that were resolved by within 2 weeks.

    -loose fuse holder
    -wires need to be rerouted to make sure flywheel doesnt rub on them
    - a ground needs to be added
    *** I would also like to add that a LOT of people are misdiagnosing a bad cdi for an extra ground wire that should be added.

    I beat the living piss out of my reaper. In 2019 I had put about 60-80 hours on it. I ride downtown chicago. In chicago you are not allowed to beach a ski and I am always deep water floating to take a break.

    Of the entire season of 2019, i had a cdi failure around the 40-60 hour mark. It was replaced under warranty from krash within 4 days.

    Tons of backflops, tons of big straigh airs off 40 foot yacht wakes. The ski has NEVER let me down!.

    I am not a krash dealer. But I will say this, I am DAMN glad Krash makes the reaper. It is sthe best **** in the world. After buildling cars most of my life, the water and motorcycles are 2 toys that I always want TURN KEY. I dont want to build ****.

    The issues you had with your KV997 are consistent with what several owners have noted on the Krash Owners Facebook Page. We researched quite a bit and knew of some of these things prior to launching the ski for the first time. I added the additional ground from the e-box to the engine as suggested by other owners. I added it after the first few rides when we had a fuse failure. I was going to add it before the first ride, but I thought we should give her a go as it was from the factory. The ground wire was easy and quick. After that, we no longer had had a fuse issue. However, the next electrical failure we encountered was indeed the damaged wires at the flywheel as you noted in your video. I agree, fairly easy to address issues, once diagnosed. None the less, considerable breakdowns given the ski was only used on an inland lake with very little actual hard riding or abuse.

    I can't say enough good about Krash as a company, Nick and his business partners in Australia. They were very responsive, helpful and concerned as we reached out to them to address the problems we encountered. I think they did a fine job with the RTP skis. They are really the only mass producer of a reasonably priced, turnkey machine of this caliber. Furthermore, as I noted a few times in this thread, there is a lot of value when you consider what you get for the money.
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