00 stx 1100 di hull duct tunnel holes

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    00 stx 1100 di hull duct tunnel holes

    so a couple weeks ago my 00 stx 1100 di almost sunk to the bottom of the lake. after doing some research on this site. I found that a common issue with these is the glue giving out on the drive shaft tunnel. So I toke it to a shop, it was put it in the tank and ran for 15 mins (it passed no water) he filled the hull with water(it passed no leak). So i spent 80 dollars to be told nothing is wrong with it.

    this passed weekend i had some stuff in the storage and it got all wet after a couple quick spins.

    what i have come to figure out is when the nose goes under the water the hull vent tube holes are what is letting water in the hull and getting the storage stuff wet.

    so i guess the advice im looking for is it a good idea to try and put some kind of filter in the holes to try and stop all the water from filling the hull and getting the stuff wet? or is it a bad idea to restrict it? it gonna cause the motor to over heat?

    i have a 13 stx15f and it doesnt have these holes in the cover. i attached a picture of the part.
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    Re: 00 stx 1100 di hull duct tunnel holes

    They make a product called frogzskin, it is spelled exactly that way, it is made for snowmobiles for exactly this purpose, you can glue it on from the inside, it lets air pass through but not water.

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    Re: 00 stx 1100 di hull duct tunnel holes

    It's more than likely the storage compartment seal than the air intake. If you update it to the updated 15F seal design (Kawasaki 39145-3773 TRIM-SEAL,L=1380) it should solve the problem.
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