Kawi 750 sxi pro factory limited dry pipe

PO fashioned up a lord mount that is OK but not the best. the pipe itself and lord mount each have a tab needing repair.

Comes w. microtouch EWCI that has not been installed

Comes w. inline resonator and side exhaust port setup

For $120 more I will include a very fresh factory pipe waterbox

Asking $750 shipped - this thing absolutely hauled *** on my sxi pro and if I could describe how hard that pipe hits in 2 words it would either be whitney houston or charlie sheen. IMO it's not for a newbie but if they weren't afraid to get ragged out for a few sessions it would literally be like crack to them when they got the hang of it. From FPP:

"With the Factory Pipe SXi Dry Pipe exhaust system and a set of Tau Ceti Pro Series flame arrestors installed, the 743cc Kawasaki engine package produced 101 hp at 7,500 rpm. While this didn't exactly meet Factory Pipe's advertised claim of 32 hp over stock, 26 hp for simply bolting on a pipe and a set of flame arrestors is pretty damn impressive especially when you consider that Factory Pipe's old 750SX/SXi exhaust system is only good for 86 hp on the SXi Pro engine package. "

If you want bolt on ponies, look no further.






IMG_4274[1].JPG Got more stuff too but probably going to sell locally