Starter just whines, won't engage

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    PWCToday Regular Klereue's Avatar
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    Starter just whines, won't engage

    My Fx1 was running great on the trailer, as soon as I put it into the water it won't start. The starter just spins and never engages. I'm assuming the gear is supposed to pop out and then retract like other starters? if so, I'm guessing the starter needs replacing or rebuilding, can it be rebuilt instead of buying a $350 OEM starter? Or could it be something else I'm not thinking of?

    EDIT: After some YouTubing found out it sounds like it's the bendix, not the starter. So fingers crossed!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Top Dog Benflynn's Avatar
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    Aug 2015

    Re: Starter just whines, won't engage

    It’s the bendix, starter doesn’t kick out like a car, it’s constantly engaged to the bendix that engages the flywheel, my SJ I just took stator cover off and doused it with wd40 and a lil knocking w hammer, it came back to life

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    PWCToday Newbie Old man rookie's Avatar
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    Re: Starter just whines, won't engage

    Make sure the battery is fully charged low voltage will cause the same symptom.

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