Welcome back to ďAsk George The PWC MechanicĒ Episode 10. In this part one of two DIY episode you can follow along with George as he installs the JL Audio Slam Pakô system on a 2018 YAMAHA FX Cruiser. This JL SlamPakô Audio system fits 2013-UP YAMAHA FX Cruiser models.

We strongly recommend that you have your new SlamPakô installed by your authorized JL Audio Dealer.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to perform the installation yourself, itís absolutely vital that the SlamPakô be properly mounted to the vessel according to the SlamPakô instruction manual provided with the kit. 2013-UP SlamPakô SKU info: SLPK-YA-FXC-SG-TB.r2 - SKU# 91168 SLPK-YA-FXC-SG-WH.r2 - SKU# 91169 Install service inquiries: solmar.service@gmail.com PRODUCT DIY VIDEO PRODUCTION INQUIRIES CONTACT: lewis@westsidemediagroup.com Steve@wcwcc.com