‘09 VX1100 KPH to MPH, code 47 Slant Detection Switch, Engine light on

I Put it in the water for the 1st time to check the driveline repairs I did and they were ok. Then 5 minutes into it my test ride the check engine started flashing then the warning light came on, so I pushed the button and it switched to KPH. I shut it down then started up 20 seconds later and no light and no check engine flashing, but stuck on KPH. I came home and changed the oil then restarted and check engine came on again. I was finally able to get Code 47 up. I Ohmed it out and when I rotate left it stays on 4.6, strait up 4.6 and right bounces around then finally goes to 4.6. Within spec.. I reinstall and Code 01 pops up. So I’m good for now. Should I get Slant Detection switch. What happens if I do nothing? What else is affected by the Slant Detection Switch? Now any ideas to get it back to MPH? I’ve hit the button, unplugged everything and unhooked battery. Nothing.
My fuel level was at 2 bars (Low) could that trip a engine light??
Please Any help. Going on vacation in a couple weeks and am trying to head off a breakdown on my daughters ski