Hi guys I have a vxr pro w/ the 701 motor. I got it as a project last year. When I first got it it would turn over had spark etc. the motor had a broken piston. I have replaced the entire engine, rebuilt the carb, new battery got it all ready to go went to press start button lanyard on and nothing not even a click from the starter. Note I didnít change anything in the Ebox I re used the stator assy that was in the old motor. I checked the main fuse itís good. The only thing Iím wondering is I had the top hatch off to do a repair at the hinge area. Do those wire harnesses only go one way or could they get crossed up? Any ideas on what could be causing this? Also Iím putting in an auto switch bilge pump system & wondering where is a good spot to put the pump hose outlet in the hull. Let me know