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    I dream skis Muffin's Avatar
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    Re: Did I just cook my engine?

    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    Piston wash looks a bit lean on the main jet. Open it another 1/4 turn. Top left of that head gasket pic shows combustion gas outside the cylinder. Many times on the Kawi's that is from warpage and it will push air into the cooling system and cause a hit running engine. Sometimes it's bad enough to draw water into the cylinder, most times it's not. Rub that head on some 320 wet sandpaper on a known flat surface.
    Thank-you! I'll do that

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home john zigler's Avatar
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    Re: Did I just cook my engine?

    Your head appears to be cut (Probably an SBT head? that may be why your compression is low. Also the peppering in the one dome can cause cavitation from the high spots. Get it fixed, or replace.

    You need to torque head studs. I go by Nuton Meters. I do 10, then 20, then 30 NM.

    You NEED to fix that broken head stud. Failure to do so will cause a head gasket leak.

    IMO your over heat came from your head gasket. Head not torqued, loose, etc.
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    Re: Did I just cook my engine?

    Quote Originally Posted by john zigler View Post
    Also the peppering in the one dome
    May have been caused by a by a big end bearing thrust washer.

    There is a lot of scratching and dark spots inside the cylinders? It is hard
    to tell if is old rust damage or something new.

    Did you bore the cylinders or just hone them?

    Either way, I recommend that you spend more time on the top end, before
    you reassemble it. So it may be good to remove the cylinder and inspect
    the pistons, cylinder and crankshaft for a missing thrust washer, before you
    put it back together.

    Bill M.
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    I dream skis
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    Re: Did I just cook my engine?

    I'm pretty sure there was neither a bore or hone done, an engine with a fresh hone run for only a few minutes would still look pretty shiny and definitely show crosshatch.

    If the pisser is working and then goes to steam, that is classic head gasket.

    A hone and rering is not expensive or time consuming and is the absolute bare minimum I would ever do if taking the jugs off a motor.
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    I dream skis
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    Re: Did I just cook my engine?

    As mentioned this head dome does not look good. The small gashes in the dome indicate something has been in the cylinder that does not belong there. Some of the gashes look new, as in just a few minutes old. I would advise that you do not run it anymore, until you find discover WHAT caused those.

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