This website, and the facebook group have been tremendously helpful over the years. I wanted to say thank you to all of you that have helped find or buy parts from us in the past 6 years. We have two daughters, and last year picked up our first sit down, which will likely be our only sit down. Onto the trio of skis.

1. 1989 650 SX - purchased with a broken handle pole. It ran pretty well until 2016, then had some issues. Upon tear down the pistons were toast. Now it has a #29 750 big pin, dual keihins, westcoast head with 27cc domes, OP bedplate, Coffman exhaust with modified SS/XI chamber, SXR cutback, PWR intake stuffer. Was a lot of fun last year, hoping with the new impeller and stuffer it should really pop. Only things left are is a rear exhaust conversion this winter, install a drilled waterbox, and paint the inside of the hull.

2. 1991 650 SX - this was part of a package deal, that came with our first dual ski trailer. It is mostly stock, but has a solas impeller, and a Rend rideplate. It always starts (weird when they aren't modified) and is my wife's ski. I have a no stamp small pin, D head, single 40 CDK II, and Coffman ready to install this winter.

3. 1994 TS 650 - we picked this up last year and it came with a trailer. This ski is super clean, and is one for the kids to sit with mom or dad and cruise around the lake with. It is currently 95% stock, with only a solas impeller, but a Coffman set up is going in it this fall.

4. Yacht club trailer - I modified a double yacht club with some bunk brackets, and some uprights for the standups last fall. It fits 3 skis easily, with room for a 4th in the front if we needed to haul our friends SXR or if we find a 300 for the kids/nieces/nephews. I replaced bearings, tires, lights, wiring, etc. to prepare it for any trip to the lakes.