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    Re: Name that failure - Seizure

    They are bored straight, I think you may be thinking of the tapered rings, they only go on the piston one way up or down.

    Did you check to make sure the oil inj. pump was working/bled/smoking after the rebuild? I agree with that only looking like a hone job.

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    Re: Name that failure - Seizure

    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    The carbon is getting steam cleaned off the piston tops.
    The carbon popping is not a good sign. Water or heat.

    The cylinders look dry.

    Why did you choose Wiseco?

    Bill M.

    Did you use oem o-rings, and did you use something to hold them in place?
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    Re: Name that failure - Seizure

    Also, with all that carbon and a poor piston wash, it's running lean.

    Speed is very expensive. How fast do you want to spend?

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    Re: Name that failure - Seizure

    Had a busy week/weekend and just now coming up for air. I have pics of the pistons but the pics of the cylinders didn't come out and they are already boxed up and shipped out for boring (not using the local shop this time.). Wear on the cylinders were intake/exhaust sides with none on the piston pin sides. With regards to gaskets/orings, base gasket was an OEM 6 hole and orings are Cometic. Pistons were free which is why they were Wiseco. Not a fan of them, I prefer Pro-x and have had good experience with wsm.

    Ignore the gouges in the last pic, damage I did it pulling the cylinders off as one assy with the exhaust manifold still attached. There is some scoring at the injector window on the piston and very light on the exhaust side. Based on the wear below the lower ring it looks like the piston was loose. Granted everything has wear but the tightest measurements I could get was right at 0.01" clearance.


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