Hello, so this is the first time I've dug into the ignition on this ski, but here's where it started. Ski has been running like a champ. Took it out last weekend and I noticed a bit of a miss. Didn't think much of it. Put a little more load on the engine and the miss got worse. Brought the ski in and checked my immediate connections (grounds, etc.) all looked fine. Took it back out, had plenty of power then the miss returned with a vengeance, started to turn back around and it cut off completely and wouldn't restart. My immediate thought was coil. I wasn't getting a visible spark, but i managed to zap myself a little bit. So I've got about 35v coming to the coil during cranking and from what I've read, this is good. I removed the coil and the back of it was completely blown out, like someone went digging with a screwdriver into the epoxy. I purchased an ebay coil and installed it. Still nothing. If I'm getting the appropriate voltage from the exciter (red/black) and I'm grounding directly to the engine, what else could it be? I've ohmed both coils and they are reading correct, but that's not always reliable. My question is, is the triggering of the coil happening internally withing the coil? Or am I having an issue within the front cover with the stator, exciter and magnet? Thank you in advance!