1993 750 SS Rebuild

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    1993 750 SS Rebuild


    New to the forum, first post.

    I picked up this SS a couple of years ago for almost nothing. As expected, it has problems. It did fire up, but would only run with the choke on and never planed out. Eventually it just stopped running at all.

    Of course there are a few potential causes, but it's neither here nor there. I've never worked on a Jetski engine before, so I'm using this as a project. I'd like to tear it down and rebuild everything, and maybe add a bit of a performance boost. (I'll also be doing some fiberglass repair and repainting the whole thing. I'm well aware that this will probably cost me more than simply purchasing the same ski in working condition, but I specifically want the project and I'm not afraid to throw some money at it (within reason of course).

    I've read a bit here and there, such as replacing the carbs, head, exhaust. But information is scattered; and just finding what I've found has had me swimming in a lot of redundant information.

    I've also got this manual showing up in a few days.

    Can I get some tips, and maybe some gotchyas? I'm not afraid to dig into an engine -- I'm pretty familiar with a car engine (I've never opened up the block and worked on internals, but they're not completely foreign to me - I fully intend on doing so here, since the engine is so small and manageable.) I'd really like to keep the block and clean it up if possible, for the sake of doing it...but I can buy a new one if need be.

    Anything I should look for? Parts I should absolutely replace regardless of apparent condition, vs parts I can probably refurbish myself? Any other neat sage wisdom? Also, I see a lot of big pin/small pin talk -- how do I tell the difference?

    I'll post pics once I reach my threshold, and I'll plan on posting throughout the project (I assume the blog is the best place for that).


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    Re: 1993 750 SS Rebuild

    I wouldnt worry about any upgrades right now, best bet for a successful first jetski project is to keep it stock. Start with a compression test if the motor turns over. Perfect compression will be right around 150psi, but anything over 130 will run. If the compression is good, no need to mess with the top end. You can focus on the bottom end. It will definitely need crank seals, and also check to make sure the crank bearings are good. They should turn smooth and quiet. To replace the crankseals you will need a flywheel puller, and the coupler removal tool. I would also recommend rebuilding the carb (with a genuine rebuild kit, no aftermarket), cleaning out the fuel tank, and replacing all of the fuel lines. Overall they are very easy motors to work on so just take your time, get the correct tools and new gaskets. You can shop around for everything as there are a lot of sellers, but watcon is good for a one stop shop.
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    Re: 1993 750 SS Rebuild

    Great advice from bandit88. A flywheel puller can be had cheap from the jeff bezos company. I have the exact same ski i picked up years ago and i am about to part it out just to get rid of it. If you find yourself in need of anything let me know as I may have it since the ski I have is currently complete. I am not a shop or a store just a guy with a 750 I am parting out. I know the engine has good compression if yours does not. good luck with your endeavor.

    A quick google search will tell you all about big pin and small pin. I believe we have the small pin.
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    Re: 1993 750 SS Rebuild

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve_O View Post
    As expected, it has problems. It did fire up, but would only run with the choke on and never planed out. Eventually it just stopped running at all.
    Repairs tend to get costly if you continue running an engine
    with a problem.

    I recommend you pull the pump, and inspect it, and the carrier

    Sounds like you have carb problems, we can help with that.

    Bill M.
    Horsepower == Speed, RPM != Speed

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