Hi guys,
I will start with saying that I've always enjoyed the thought of PWCs and ran across some Sea-Doo that really caught my eye so I thought I would come here for advice.
I'm married with a 12 and a 10 year old daughter, we love playing in the water (fishing, swimming, kayaking, tubing, skiing etc.) We live in Missouri and often take camping trips to the localish lakes to play and camp. I currently have a 19' fish and ski that we use and think it would be fun to have some Jetskis also that would likely get hauled to the lake more than the boat.

I will be looking to purchase 2 which brings me to options.... given the big view of our activities I ask for advice. I'm not worried about top speed just comfortable, fun and reliable. We would be spending full days out playing, hitting a cove and swimming, towing.
Funds are not unlimited and there is a budget to maintain but I don't mind spending a little extra if it is really worth it.

The Spark..... seems like a lot of fun for a little price
The Trixx seems like a total blast.
----Can either of these handle towing a skier or wake boarder? I'm sure pulling a tube would be easy enough.
----Can an anchor be carried also to stop and swim?
----Kinda leaning away from these after extensive reading and looking at

2018 GTI Base --- 90 horse and
2018/19 GTI 130 or GTI SE 130 ---- would these tow well? obviously much more comfortable.

I am considering the Wake 155 also because it is designed for towing but quite a bit more expensive.
----Is the additional cost worth it over the Sparks if they can tow?

Buying used? I'm kinda gun shy on this. I'm looking at buying a used 04 GTX with 193 hours. Any things to look for? Supercharger was rebuilt, tune up, oil change and new battery in the last year. Good for towing?

Wanting to buy 2 Sea-Doo this spring and thinking one new and one used or just maybe 2 new ones....decisions decisions. Buying used worries me.