Hello, all!

Can anyone - preferably who KNOWS FOR SURE - tell me - FOR SURE - whether or not the oil filter and the O-ring are the same in the Spark engines, between the 2014-17 and 2018-19 model years?

I need to stock up on a maintenance kit or two and have found a pretty sweet deal but, want to make sure BRP hasnít changed anything in the oil filter or o-ring areas - (Even my dealer was shocked to discover - without any warning from SeaDoo - BRP did make some changes to the bolt hole alignment on the 2019 Intake grates which totally torpedoed our delivery date! ó- ****, for being global, BRP is a more than a tad dysfunctional as a conglomerate

Anyway, I donít want to order these maintenance kits only to get stuck with parts that wonít fit our 2019 ...

Thanks in advance for any assist!