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Thread: When to choke?

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    Re: When to choke?

    I found an old picture I forgot about.

    The paper clip trick confirms the fuel pump works and the needle and
    seat didn't open. The most common cause is a vacuum leak.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work with Mikuni's unless you drill a hole in the
    center of the diaphragm cover.

    I posted this to demonstrate that this is a common problem with all
    diaphragm carbs.

    Bill M.
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    Re: When to choke?

    Guys, this is a BRAND NEW Super Jet that 77sXZX has.....

    He is simply running it out of gas. As stated, it will take a bit to fill the lines, filter, carbs etc to get to start, and YES you need to choke....

    Simple solution - don't run it out of gas. There is NO vacuum leaks, please do NOT go poking any paper clips in the carb breather holes etc.....

    The new Super Jets do run a bit lean in the low speed circuit, and you cannot adjust the carb without removing the block off caps.
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    Re: When to choke?

    Quote Originally Posted by wmazz View Post

    When you choke the engine, pull the choke and hold it closed, and with your
    other hand apply the starter. Don't touch the throttle until the engine pops.
    Then crack the throttle and start the engine.

    If it takes more than 1 min to start the engine, your engine is officially hard
    Thanks all. I tried this yesterday and it started up quickly

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    Re: When to choke?

    I usually choke after a bad hit.

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