To all, I have a few questions. I just purchased a 1991 440 to do a 750 swap. I wanted a 550 hull but found this one for cheap. This 440 has through the hull exhaust like a 550sx. The guy I purchased it from also gave me a 550 pump and drive line from a 1987 550. My questions are, will the 1987 550 pump and driveline fit into this 440 hull. I wasn’t sure if a 1991 440 had a similar (smaller diameter) drive line to the 550sx being that they changed the hulls. And will this 87 550 driveline and pump just bolt in, or do I need to get a 550sx pump, and will that bolt on to the existing 1991 440 drive line, or do I also need to find a 550sx drive line as well. Any other advice (how to align all of this, once I get my 750 engine, as well as impellers choice is appreciated) . Thanks