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    Re: 650 protec pipe on 701

    Quote Originally Posted by NoMoney View Post
    I stumbled on this and have same exact situation. Pro tec 650 exhaust tryng to swap it to the 701 62t. Did you ever succeed in this if so any issues with fitment?
    I ended up just getting the protec 62t manifold so I could try running the bigger bolts that go with the 62t cylinders and figured everything would just be an easier install... But wow, was not the case. The 62t manifold route was still a pain in the ***. The holes just did not want to line up. I ended up having to do a combo of the larger bolts and then a few of the smaller ones from the 650 cylinder manifold with helicoils. Depending on the 650 chamber you also might need to drill out a hole in the new manifold.

    If I did it again, I'd just try and port match the 650 manifold and use helicoils.

    But to answer the question of how it runs without port matching, I do not know. Just figured I'd share my troubles with getting the 62t manifold.

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    Re: 650 protec pipe on 701

    Thank you for the response. I have same exact dilemma. But sounds like its a bit of a job. I was hoping bolt on.wouldnt you have been able to just use the pro tech “muffler” pipe and clamp that to the 701 factory head pipe

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