1FNGR was born from a factory rider looking to provide a top quality Clutch assembly made in the USA. 1FNGR is providing something fresh & new to the 2 wheel industry. In this video WCWCC Race Division athlete JB Gasperone give a testimony of why he loves these gloves. The combination of thin lining with strong stitching along the edge of the glove where most of the action happens near the throttle is where the magic happens. Most gloves offer thick palms that cause loos of feel and blisters during riding. 1FNGR has the best natural feel while giving you the grip needed to hang on during throttle coming out of a turn. Try it for yourself and be amazed how wonderful these gloves can be.

For more featured product info: https://1fngr.com/collections/dirt/pr... Featured WCWCC Athlete: @jbgasperone WCWCC Race Division Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WestCoast.Ra... West Coast Watercraft Club: https://www.wcwcc.com/