Well ive had an 06 RXP sitting around that id like to get running again. Tore the engine down, cyl 3 will need a bore due to some moisture in the crankcase. It highly unlikely a hone will clean it up and keep the wall clearances within spec. The head has the old 72 valves, but worse is the camshaft is stuck in the head. It did turn, but not easily. I can see some metal shavings in one of the oil feed holes, so im going to say its trashed. Might try some heat to loosen things up and get that cam out of there, but if the journals are scored theres no saving it.

I have an 03SC engine from a buddy, havent torn it down yet, but doesnt look super promising either. My question is what parts would actually swap over without running into weird issues. I know the flywheel is different, but my crank is still good. Im thinking the block is the same besides the oil restrictor that needs to come out. I just cant find too much info on the head. Would the 03 head and cam work on the 06 block? Not sure if the profile is even close. Ive heard that an 05 cam can actually be beneficial, but an 03.. not so sure..

The parts list is growing quickly for this build, but im just trying to figure out if im going to have to overbore my OE block and get new pistons or maybe the 03 is a viable option.

Id appreciate any input.