Water in oil, 30mph max - just replaced exhaust manifold

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    Water in oil, 30mph max - just replaced exhaust manifold

    I have 2 F12x skis, both started only going 30mph and had water in the oil last year. I finally got replacement exhaust manifolds. One I repaired and it seems to be running fine, no water in oil, goes 60mph.

    I got around the replacing the exhaust menifold on the second yesterday (new manifold straight from honda). The ski ran well, it pulled hard to 63mph and kept giving me the FI overboost error. I figured it was a problem with either the wastegate actuator or solenoid. So i decided to drive back in, just going about 40-45mph so it didn't give the overboost error. It ran fine at 40mph for about 10 minutes and then it lost power. Would only go 30mph, same symptoms it has when the exhaust manifold it spraying water into the turbo. I got back and check the oil, no water in the oil. I hooked it up the hose and ran it for about 30 minutes, now the oil is milky. I checked the turbo and it still spins freely with my finger.

    I know the oil cooler and head gasket are other points that would allow water into the oil, but I don't think either of these should cause the turbo to bog down and the ski to only go 30mph.

    Any ideas of where i should look next.

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    Re: Water in oil, 30mph max - just replaced exhaust manifold

    The overboost suggests a leak in the tubing going to the WG Actuator/WG Solenoid holding the WG Actuator closed. The 30 MPH suggests a waste gate held/stuck open.
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