Hi AllLast year I bought a 2003 1100stx di for 1400$. The guy removed the oil pump and said Iíd be fine if I premix. Ran it twice and bottom end locked up. Iím picking up a 2001 next week for 200$. Guy said he caught a line in the impeller and replaced bearing. Any way this ski looks better than the one I paid 1400 for. So I can pull the bottom end and rebuild the o3, but why bother? I want to fire up the o1 and see what happens. Than I can pull parts of either to make one great/good boat. So whatís changed from 01-03? Could I potentially swap the motor out? What should I do with the o1 before I turn it over? Drain gas and oil- spray starter fluid on new plugs.... itís been siting for years. Thank you very much. I appreciate any advice.