2019 Mark Hahn video of Mike and Levi racing for the first time, congratulations!!!


West Coast member Mike Neumann demonstrates side saddle racing during the Mark Hahn 300 Memorial in Lake Havasu City Crazyhorse Campgrounds. Mike Neumann and Joseph Levi our two newest members of the club were anxious to race as soon as they met my club members. Tony Hoa encouraged them to race at the Mark Hahn and assisted in the training. The #wcwcc is growing everyday with new members joining and meeting new people. They never once fell , or missed a beat. Shout out to the wesome pit crew for being so badass Kevin Watchler Jeff Steele Wayne Shannon. Check out https://www.wcwcc.com/ we are the only club on serving the West Coast. MARK HAHN 300 MEMORIAL SIDE SADDLE BOYS MUSIC VIDEOExecutive Producer: Lewis Director/Editor: Steven West Coast Watercraft Club: @wcwcc_pwc Featured Rider Joseph Levi Instagram: @yourdaddylevi Featured Rider Mike Neumann Instagram: @sideburnsmike Featured Song: Underrated Music: Manboy Mafia featuring "Price Ink" Instagram: @shaunieestylez