Swapping a Yamaha 760 into my 1990 SN Superjet

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    Swapping a Yamaha 760 into my 1990 SN Superjet

    Hey all,

    I am swapping a 760 into my square nose superjet, and I am having some trouble.

    The main problem right now is figuring out how I swap a 5 finger coupler on my mid shaft, or how do I convert it in general.

    Also I have heard I cant fit the stock air box in a SN, is that true?

    Can you all post some pictures of your swaps for insight?

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    Re: Swapping a Yamaha 760 into my 1990 SN Superjet

    take the coupler off the engine that came in your SN and put it on the 760. Everything else should fit fine. Also make sure and align your engine and coupler properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLQfBsEQnO8
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    Re: Swapping a Yamaha 760 into my 1990 SN Superjet

    760 exhaust is different than the 650, or 701 (61x cyl)

    You will need to either drill your exh manifold for the larger 760 exh bolts, OR some people use thread inserts to change the cly thread size to smaller 8mm threads for 650/701 manifold.

    You will then want a 701 exh manifold. (If you are running a stock pipe, you need a 701 SJ / Blaster exh). You will need to port match it to the 760 cyl. 760 exhaust ports are taller than the 701. Lay the 760 exh man gasket onto the 701 manifold as a guide. Get it as close as you can, without grinding too much, as you need sealing surface around the cooling jackets. Blend it back into the manifold.
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