Well, I thought I had it all worked out... I put the rest of the exhaust system on it and find I have an extra nipple that needs a hose. The diagram I have (like the one posted) is for a 2004 and I wonder if my 2002 is different. Anyway, this is where I think I am going wrong:

The hose that goes to the outlet water nozzle (back of ski) has a T in it. One leg of the T goes to the small nipple in the top of the manifold (according to the diagram). Would appear that the other end of the T goes to the nipple coming out of the top of the exhaust body (pointing towards the front bow).

That only leaves me with the small nipple down low in the hull on the same fitting where the big hose from the intercooler comes in. According to the diagram, there should be a small hose split off of the main water inlet (before the water goes to the intercooler and oil cooler) that runs to this nipple although my boat has no such hose. Thus, what hose do I run to this last small nipple that is... well, lonely?

Or, do I have my T connections messed up?