1100 or 1000 cylinders on 900 bottom end.

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    1100 or 1000 cylinders on 900 bottom end.

    Does anyone know if the Tigershark 1000 or 1100 cylinders will fit on the 900 bottom end? Anyone ever try to put any of the thundercat snowmobile cylinders on these motors and if they fit?

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    Re: 1100 or 1000 cylinders on 900 bottom end.

    I can't comment on most of that, although I have been quite curious to that my self in my never ending quest to find the rediculously elusive TS 1000 crankshafts. Three summers of fishing for, asking around, and scouring all corners of the web and I have only got one good crank out of all of this. Came out of an eBay engine I had to buy and part out for the crank. Otherwise I'm forced to part whole skis to get me cranks. Friken sucks to kill innocent skis for just one part but tis is life with these skis these days.

    Anyhow, sorry for the off topic rant, I can 100% assure, attest to, certify, what ever you want to call it that thunder cat pistons fit the 1000 motors. I have personally ran thundercat piston kits in my budget builds. I personally prefer to just pop weisco kits in my self how ever if budget allows.

    I have never tried, therefore I cannot verify, but I believe the 1000 triples were 900 motors with out the double PTO crank bearing, balance shaft, and just bored out cylinders with thundercat pistons. The 98 ts1000L uses 900 38mm carbs with different needles and jets obviously, while all other skis running 1000 triples had 40 or 42mm carbs (can't remember exactly). Crankcases are 100% identical between 900 and 1000. Otherwise all other parts need verification before I'd try them.

    The 1100 was its own motor. Nothing crosses between these and any other Suzuki engine used in sharks. Different case design, different cranks, shorter stroke, proprietary motor mounts, some didn't even have carbs. Completely different beast. Imo modding a 1000 triple and boring it out to 1100cc is the best engine possible and is what the factory racers used. The 1000cc is my favorite and perhaps the best engine used in these skis.
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