Hey guys Iíve worn out my 63m again in my waveraider. Im looking to convert to a 65u setup in this raider hull. I also have a bunch of upgrades and Im curious if anyone on here has experience and can maybe help me out with baseline settings. Im considering starting with an SBT premium 65u. I have a complete GP1200 setup but, I will be using mikuni blackjack 44s with r+d polished intake manifold, with k and n f/a, boysen power reeds with stuffers, and a tdr waterbox. My hull is a straight through exhaust and Ill have extra cooling to the head and exhaust pipe.I currently have a hot rods crank for this 65u and was considering using it and building from scratch but im a fan of oem crankshafts. Can anyone help me with baseline carb settings so i can break in properly and tune from there? I have all the other parts except the motor which ill be purchasing in a few weeks. My intent for next season would be to upgrade to a higher comp 150psi girdled head. I only use this machine for riding in the surf and im looking for more snap/power! Any positive info is greatly appreciated