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Thread: 95 xp

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    95 xp

    Blew engine, replaced carb kits with oem mikuni with 1.2 needles and seats, bored and chamfered heads 1.50 over will start but sucks down 20oz bottle of gas in about 30 seconds if I give throttle it dies? Rotory valve turns so donít think timing is it never messed with bottom end or rotary valve? Homemade pop off tester says 40 on both carbs compression 140 on both cylinders what could be going on? Help please!

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    Re: 95 xp

    It's a carb problem, did u replace the springs and the arm?

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    Re: 95 xp

    1.50 over is on the edge of leaving the stock carb setup. What did you do with the head? is your squish in spec? 1.2 NS and 40 pop off is what's normal. What are your high and low speed screw settings? 0 high and 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 turns low is normal.

    From my experience the High pop off setups can be finicky. Sometimes it is better to go to the dual carb setup for 717 with the larger NS and lower pop off.
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    Re: 95 xp

    We see many fuel select failures, not only on SeaDoos but Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasakis, etc.

    This can cause a lean condition.

    Go over the fuel system completely. Replace all lines, check the o-ring in the fuel filter/water separator cup, and so on.

    When you rebuilt the carbs, are you certain you got all gaskets, and diaphragms in correctly? I often see people use the Early Yamaha gaskets in the kits in the wrong application.
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    Re: 95 xp

    Most of that gas is just pumping back through the return and into the tank. A two stroke will stall out with throttle if the engine is cold. Where do you have screws adjusted as far as turns out from seated?

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