Hello all!

I am asking for your opinions and advice.

I am blessed with a family that enjoys being on the water with our SeaDoos. My wife, son and I each have our own. So, what I have been doing is gathering backup parts, like wiring harness, MPEMS, VTSs and engines.

For my wife's GSX RFI I was able to get an engine that is quiet with good compression and I am in the middle of rebuilding a back up for my carb GSX. My main question is around long term storage of those engines. They will be stored inside but here is what I am thinking of doing:

Packing cooling with Prestone anti-fteeze. fogging thoroughly, then packing the case and Rotary Valve with XPS 2 oil. Cleaning and spraying the outside with silicone. After that using dry packs in a trash bag and vacuuming the air out of the bag.

Am I missing anything? It it way overkill?

The second part is that the back up for my wife's was a salt water engine. It was flushed after each use. Before I pulled it I ran aint-freeze through it. Is there something else I should do before I pack it away?

Thank you for any time you can spend giving me your advice!!!