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  1. #11 Is My Home Away From Home WFO Speedracer's Avatar
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    Re: Please ID this engine?

    It refers to the shape of the crankshaft webs, on 400's and early 44's they formed a full circle on later 4410's and 550's they resemble a porkchop so that is the way they are designated porkchop and full circle. The way to tell which is which from the outside of the cases is early 400's and 44's have an extra bearing carrier bolted to the back of the engine and the had cast iron couplers, yours has this extra bearing carrier and the cast iron coupler.
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    Re: Please ID this engine?

    Quote Originally Posted by StillBill View Post
    Hello again! Thanks for the info. For now, I will list on eBay as "1980-1985 JS 400 / 440 / or 550 with full circle crank and crazy custom exhaust."

    Please feel free to refine that for me, especially the years.

    Anyhow, tonight I checked the compression. Last week, I sprayed a little PB Blaster in the cylinders, even though the engine was never seized of stuck since I've had it. It was stored in my garage for at least 12 years.

    Tonight, I hooked my 50-amp battery charger to the starter, and it spun well (with plugs out). When I covered a hole with my finger though, the charger could not spin it. I tried jumping with a motorcycle battery, but it was still too weak. Then, I put a ratchet on the crank nut and after some painful practice, I managed to get a rhythm worked out. After about 7 quick spins with wrench, both cylinders maxed out at 125psi. Is that good for these old motors? Might be higher with an actual battery.

    Anyhow, is there any market for these? Any suggestions for an asking price I should put on eBay to sell within 6-12 months? Whole package. Not going to take heads off and check anything.

    I am not familiar with these old jet skis. My only PWC I've ever owned is a 95 750-ZXI. I love it. My main interest is dirt bike racing though. If y'all ever have questions about dirtbikes, please let me know. I do woods racing, like enduros, not Moto-Cross. I also have a 1989 Master-Craft - and it is an OUTBOARD!

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    If you rebuild it, find a hull and build a ski, you will have a lot of fun!!!

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