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    Re: Sxi pro or round nose superjet

    Quote Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
    For me it would come down to which era of roundnose. If it would be pre '08, I'd ride the SXI. '08 and up Superjet would win over an SXI in my book.

    My dad rides a 750sx and my brother rides a '96 roundnose and I far prefered the 750 riding them back to back on the bouy course. For me I found the kawi easier to handle.
    This is the correct answer, having owned all of them.

    If you want to flat turn and do slow speed freestyle, then a pre-08 Superjet is fine. They can be made super nimble with a turning plate and feel very nice overall with mods. But, high speed turns are another story. The hull was advanced in the mid 90s, and even then it required a riding style not as intuitive. Basically you spend your time trying to balance on top of the ski, keeping it flat as you turn. The Kawi 750 hulls you naturally carve on, which has an easier, more flowing type riding style. It's way, way, way easier to carry speed fast around a buoy course with a SXI over a pre 08 SJ. Although, it will take you longer to get up to speed unless your 750 is really well set up and doesn't have a big pin cylinder.

    The 2008+ I prefer for just about every type of riding, which is why I'm a Kawi guy but own 2 09 SJs. They carve at high speeds insanely well, better than a stock sxr in my opinion. And they have decent low end and with a few mods steer ok at low speeds too. You can't get them to feel as nimble at low speeds as the pre 08s without a little work. My stock SJ has more low end than 750 skis with factory pipes. Their power hits higher and doesn't give you the same grunt right from 0mph.

    So again it really depends on what you want to do. The pre 08 SJ is a great ski, and a good investment because they are so popular. They are excellent rec skis for wave jumping and so forth. It's just their riding style was a complete dead end. They are super stable as a plus, but anything medium to high speeds while turning takes work, and can be borderline frustrating if you're used to carving Kawasaki skis where you lean to steer and get into that flowing type rhythm of carving. Which when out recreationally riding is just about as good as you can get for flat lake riding, imo.
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    1985 JS550/800 "Pretty Red": Newmiller 800, Rhaas 750 pump conv. [56.3mph gps]
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    1994 XiR: 830cc Superstock, PJS side draft, 13/18 swirl [53.7mph gps]
    1998 SXI PRO:
    3DR hull mods [TBD]

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    Re: Sxi pro or round nose superjet

    This is a 20yr old question. So here's some 20yr old vids for your reseach and a couple of surf vids of old friends.
    Lots of good comments but I won't be bias,lol.

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    Re: Sxi pro or round nose superjet

    Good stuff there, love the tigershark barracuda freestyle!

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