Providing easy access when working on PWC?

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    Providing easy access when working on PWC?

    I am debating on tackling a prop change on my 2001 800XL as well as any other maintenance once I find a manual for it. Do you guys work on these while on the trailer? How do you get easy access to the bottom side of the ski?

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    Re: Providing easy access when working on PWC?

    I've always advocated working on the machine while its on a simple stand, and my shins were the primary reason.

    sbt sells them for $199, I have two of them + an oversized and overbuilt steel one with a winch attachment that's pretty nifty.
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    Re: Providing easy access when working on PWC?

    Always worked on mine on a PVC stand I built or on a dolly I built out of a garden cart.

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    Re: Providing easy access when working on PWC?

    Pulling the pump out of both my SeaDoos and older Polaris PWCs was easy and convenient just leaving them on the trailer. The only thing I ever needed to mess around with on the bottom was to take the input grate off to pull a tow rope out of the drive shaft, and that was actually easier on the trailer than it would have been on a cart because the trailer had more clearance underneath.

    Working on the engine itself is annoying when on a trailer because its a bit too high. Especially anything down at the bottom of the bilge like swapping out the starter motor on an old Polaris. In that case, a cart would have been better, but a step stool next to the trailer worked just fine as well.
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    Re: Providing easy access when working on PWC?

    Yep, just leave it on the trailer and lower the jack up front, that gets the rear up a bit.

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