SUV part out ? what's this thing worth..

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    SUV part out ? what's this thing worth..

    I've got a yamaha suv 1200 on a trailer (as part of a deal on another ski, I wanted the other ski) with what I think is a frozen up pump. Seems to me that it was probably sitting on a floating dock most of it's life in salt water. All bolts on the pump are frozen up. The one I tried to take out broke within a few degrees of turning.

    The hull, trailer and inside of the ski looks well taken care of, just not the pump area, which of course is kind of a deal breaker for selling the ski as a working machine.. is there a market for this thing as far as parts go?

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    Re: SUV part out ? what's this thing worth..

    I have seen some folks give upwards of 150 bucks for a complete seat assembly with good coverings. As far as the motor goes, Its totally up in the air. I would try to sell it as a whole unit, that way you dont get stuck trying to take out certain parts.... Not many of these left running around, so time to sell parts can be painfully slow.

    For a clean, nor running unit I would expect maybe around 500-1k.
    Good luck!!

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    Re: SUV part out ? what's this thing worth..

    where are you located? I may have a guy interested in some parts. Unfortunately the one we are working on also seems to have a frozen pump..not sure yet I have to tear into it
    If it aint broke...don't fix it!!!!

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