Yamaha wr500 newbie questions

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    Yamaha wr500 newbie questions

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Brendan and I'm new to the Jetski world. I bought a 1990 waverunner and trailer for 100 bucks. How can I check the title to see what the status of this ski is, the person I bought it from didnt have a title.

    Next few questions are about the ski itself. Today I had it running, but its hard to start. I put in a brandnew battery a few days ago. Any suggestions on how to start up properly would be greatly appreciated. I tried starting it again and it wouldnt fire up I turned the motor over so many times the battery went weak(any suggestions there).

    What is the oil to gas ratio in this specific motor? Again its a 1990 yamaha waverunner WR500D.
    Also, once I get the engine running, How long can I safely let it run out of water?

    Thanks for all the help,


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    Re: Yamaha wr500 newbie questions

    50:1 is oil to gas ratio....you need to do a compression test, clean fuel system, including tank and carbs and selector knob replace fuel lines...check for spark also, your start stop switch is old and could be giving you ignition issues.... it is an old, slow watercraft but when running are pretty indestructible. That is why the ones that are still around, are still running.....
    If it aint broke...don't fix it!!!!

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