First questions regarding new craft

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    First questions regarding new craft

    Hi all,

    So I obtained a new-to-me 09 Yamaha SHO over the weekend and lo-and-behold the previous owner stored the craft in the salt water... Not a huge deal, hull is very clean and in tact, the large dollar parts are all good to go, it's just the "minor" things like hose clamps etc. that need replacing. Something to do while waiting for next summer.

    The other thing I noticed was the smell coming from the area under the rear seat where all the hoses and bilge are located. Smells like it's been sitting in sea water, has that "decay" smell that comes with sea water, like when you're driving and getting close to the shore (or the beach for all you non-Jersians). I soaked up all the fluid, wiped out all the build up of material (dirt, mud, etc.) and let it dry out in the garage. Is there anything I can spray (Lysol, some sort of marine smell cleanser) in the hole to kill the smell? It's not real strong, but it's there regardless. Wanted to check so as to not spray something that should NOT be sprayed and left (i.e. - "Don't use Lysol! It'll dissolve the seals!" or something like that) or if there is a specific spray that is designed specifically for keeping the innards clean, other than water and towels.

    Also, previous owner stated he fogged the engine and poured in anti-freeze when winterizing it. We did turn it over and run it on the hose for a few minutes while checking it out to make sure the engine was in good working order... Is there a need to re-fog, re-winterize it? I'm not worried about the ant-freeze in the open loop cooling since the craft is stored in the garage and won't freeze, but would it be a good idea to re-fog the engine or is it good to go still? Is there anything else necessary to do for winterization?

    Sorry for the newb questions, I'm sure there will be more to come.
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    Re: First questions regarding new craft

    I use scrubbing bubbles foaming bleach to clean the inside of my 01 & 02 GPr's. I spray it on let it set a few min wash it around with a rag where I can and rinse it out good. Cleans them out good and leaves a clean bleach smell.
    As for fogging oil you could go either way. It would help keep serface rust from forming on the valves and seats and cyl walls though.
    As for anti freeze the only water left is trapped in the water box. If it freezes it won't hurt anything. You can minimize that water buy lightly reving the motor without water running after flush or on it's oun after it's cooled down.

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