Info needed on- Oil injection on a modded 787

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    Info needed on- Oil injection on a modded 787

    Hi Guys,

    Im wanting to retain my oil injection on my modded 787 XP.

    I know a lot of you will say Im crazy and run Pre-mix to be safe on a modded ski but I know people have ran this setup with no issues.

    I know that Mell Miller and Bill O'Neil have ran oil injection on highly modded 787 XP's with great results and no issues.

    Im wanting to get some info and input off anyone else that is running oil injection on a modded 787 and was there anything different you did to your oil pump??

    I can adjust the oil pump through the cable to be open more but have been told by others who have ran this setup that they just leave the oil pump set to factory seadoo alignment.

    Im running: Fresh motor- 155psi
    Novi 46's- Jetting set by Tim@Novi
    ProK arresters
    Spec 2 with EWI
    MSD Ignition
    Skat Mag pump.

    I know the Novi's will flow around 20-30% more fuel compared to the OEM 40mm carbs, and the oil pump at WOT gives a 40:1 mixture from what i have read and around 150-200:1 at Idle.

    Obviously flowing more fuel you would need more oil i assume at the given RPM??

    Ive been trying to get in contact with Bill O'Neil and Mell Miller to ask how they setup there oil pump on there highly modded skis.

    Just to add that i have been running oil injection on my XP for over 20 years with not a single issue.

    So if anyone here has ran oil injection on a modded 787, id love to hear from you!

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    Re: Info needed on- Oil injection on a modded 787

    Run the stock oil pump & advance the setting a little & it will be fine.

    Good luck trying to talk to Bill or Mel.

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    Jul 2013

    Re: Info needed on- Oil injection on a modded 787

    Thanks mate!

    Yeah, I'm not counting my luck talking to mel or Bill. I know Bill posts on here but was worth a try.

    Just so i got this correct- When you say advance the pump a little, adjust the cable so the pump is open a little more??

    So where the alignment marks are set for factory settings, tight'n the cable so the alignment mark on the wheel is moved more towards the cable hold bracket( alignment mark to the left) ??

    Im also removing the oil injection nozzles out of the OEM rv cover and re- fitting them into my billet Buckshot rv cover.

    Ive noticed on some Buckshot covers they have mounted them on the top right of the inlet port as compared to the OEM cover they are on the bottom left/right corner.

    Im leaning more towards mounting them as per OEM position as this may lubricate the rotary valve better as the case has a rail/guide in the bottom of the port for this reason.

    The only issue i see it that there is little room for this on the bottom port of the Buckshot cover to drill and press the oil nozzle which is why Buckshot on some of there covers mounted it up top of the port as there is more space to do so.

    What would be your opinion on mounting position of the oil nozzles??

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