How to remove my shock absorber and can I salvage my VTS motor?

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    How to remove my shock absorber and can I salvage my VTS motor?


    I own a 2008 Sea-Doo Wake 215.

    I want to change the rubber grommet for the hood's piston (specifically, part #293720078). I read the shop manual and it says (if I have a GTX version... I'm not sure if my model is considered GTX or RXP or RXT??) to :"Retain the cover with one hand while pulling the shock body. Pull on shock strongly". Someone else told me to use a screwdriver and pry the piston out. In both cases, it seems awfully difficult.

    Can someone confirm the best to do so? Or even share a video? Should I pull/pry the top or the bottom of the piston? With the hood fully opened? Should I unscrew the black plastic part (where the shock is stored) from the hood..?

    Here is a picture of what it looks like:

    Also, up until last night, my VTS motor was working fine (my VTS module wasn't). I wanted to "clean the rust" do I let it sit in some CLR and brushed the corrosion off. When I tried it again, my 7.5A fuse "jumped". Looking carefully, it seems that some liquid got inside the housing (although it had been drying for 2-3 3 days and I didn't think it had gotten in).

    Anyway, is there a way to salvage it by having it dry? I only opened the circular housing and everything looked fine (except for the CLR smell). Should I try to open the rectangular block (the screws are all rusted) and try to dry that part also?

    Or once I tried to make it turn with some liquid inside, it is completely and permanently dead?

    Lastly, what is the difference between the GTX, RXP, RXT and Wake models? Sometimes in the user manual it won't even mention Wake so I am not sure which of those my Sea-Doo is the closest.

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