SXR, do yo have one?
I have still yet to see a sxr on the water. I want to ride one before investing into something I'm gona potentially hate.
If you have a sxr800, sxr1100, kawadoo sxr951, or one of the new sxr1500's, I'd be happy to pay to play on one, as well as cover all gas, and ramp fees. This is a 2 part adventure. 1- never riddin a sxr, 2- I'd like to see real world/hands on results of if all my year long test/tune frustrations along with money spent on my x2 was worth it. My concern/question is can my x2 jump a sxr off the line, as well as can your sxr800 even catch my x2 during a 30-45 second full throttle. After tuning with tach today. It's running at peak performance. I did several drag pulls with a x4 gen xp800 (787) and a newer gen 97 xpl style xp with same 110hp 787. The closest either was to me was at the moment the snapped throttle to wide open, and I pulled away until the xp800 topped out with his speedo showing.55 and I was still pulling away. My gps speedo was showimg 55 mph. . Were going tomorrow and hopefully.someone can bring a sxr to do some ride trades for my research about getting one or not. Text is easiest, to schedule a meetup. 817.714.1478.