Skat 148 Pump Variations - Nozzle Combo Options

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    Skat 148 Pump Variations - Nozzle Combo Options

    I have two 148 Skat Pumps however they are different variations.

    One of them is a 148mm Skat that was created from a 155 housing. It has tons of extra meat on it & came with the nozzle combo and ring insert.

    My second 148 Skat is the x4, 140mm bolt pattern however i dont have a cone or nozzles for it. I believe this is referred to as a 148 D pump. Does anyone know if the r&d combo will fit this pump? The nozzle combo from my other 148 pump is much larger and wont fit this smaller version. I assume i can still snag a cone from Skat but havnt made it that far yet.

    I am building a 951 x4 and ended up with both pumps. Its been a while since i worked on it and knocking the dust off the project. Just looking for clarification because if I cant find a nozzle combo & cone for the 148 d pump I will use my other 148 skat since its a complete unit. It would just be nice to use the smaller version since it is a bit lighter. Anything to save a few lb's on the carbon x4 is ideal.

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
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