Hey guys new here I have a 1994 sea doo speedster boat that is having a bizarre starting problem. If the kill switch lanyard is on, key turned on and I put the positive wires on the battery I can fire up both motors no problem. Can start and stop them and restart them again. Now if I turn the key off and then back on, shift it out and back into neutral or remove and replace the lanyard I will have no engine turn over. If I do any of those 3 things I have to go back to the battery and remove the positive cables from battery and then put them back on and the motor will turn over and run. bilge pump and lights will always work on the boat. I have ridden the boat multiple times all summer and the only way to get motors to start is to lift and set down the positive cables from the battery. No fuses are popped either on the mpem. have had yamahas all my life and this is my first sea doo so getting use to the differences. Any help would be great. Thanks