Howdy All,

I have a 1998 XL 760 with an issue with the speedo. The issue is that it will read 0 sometimes and the actual speed the rest of the time. I would say it reads 0 about 25% of the time. I will be riding along at a good clip and be reading 0 on the speedo then all of a sudden 45 MPH is displayed. Doesn't matter if I'm idling through a no wake zone or out on the lake. I have disconnected all the leads that plug into the display unit and sprayed them with contact cleaner and even applied dielectric grease to them. The plug terminals are all very clean with no corrosion as this is a fresh water ski. I have lubricated the paddle wheel on the speed sensor and it spins freely. All other displays are functional. Is it time for a new speed sensor? What else should I check?

Your comments and tips are greatly appreciated.