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Thread: Fuel Wagon

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    Re: Fuel Wagon

    Make it amphibious, add an umbrella mount, fill that pig with vodka, and BOOM!!! Money will rain down on you like what.
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    Re: Fuel Wagon

    Quote Originally Posted by DealsGapCobra View Post
    That is a very nice system but at 400 lb, how do you get it out of the truck?
    Empty, its easy enough to roll up a ramp, or just muscle it into the truck. Full, rolling it down a ramp out of a full size pickup truck is admittedly a bit sketchy with one person. However it is plenty easy to roll it down a ramp under control with two people. With a low deck utility trailer like you would use for a zero turn mower or a 4-wheeler, it is easy enough to load and unload with just the tailgate ramp on the trailer.

    The need for the high capacity is that the pair of SeaDoos can burn through 25 to 30 gallons in an afternoon when my daughter and friends (teenagers) take them out. The speedboat holds another 25 gallons, and with an active wakeboarder in the family, the speedboat also seems to always be on the verge of empty. Plus my wife just bought a pontoon that holds 15 gallons, and I don't want to ever be caught without some fuel handy for her.

    I have a 12 gallon caddy, but without a pump, it is a PITA to have to lift it up to gravity feed it into the SeaDoos. So I wanted something with a pump. Looking at the existing larger caddys which can have a pump mounted, they all are the two-wheel style. So I would end up manually hauling 200 to 300 lbs down the hill. And if not emptied, I would have to haul whatever was left manually back up the hill. This lazy guy wanted something that can be towed behind the tractor.

    I have also had bad experiences with plastic gas cans. One cracked on me (it was winter). Another had the cap and nozzle chewed off by some kind of rodents. Steel fuel tanks are a bad idea - they always rust inside eventually putting rust into your boat's carb. So I want something made out of 1/8" thick aluminum.
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    Re: Fuel Wagon

    Makes sense, for some reason I was thinking ‘lifting’ out of the truck and missed the obvious. It does sound like you need that size tank and I like your solution.

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