NICE Polaris PRO785 need a set or rods or need to get rid of this thing!

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    NICE Polaris PRO785 need a set or rods or need to get rid of this thing!

    Here is the deal with this thing: I sent the PRO785 crankshaft to Crankworks in Arizona along with a 780 crank for spare parts. I sent brand new SBT rods, OEM bearings, and new crankpins with it. I got it back and assembled the entire engine. I tested the compression and it was not right. I checked the stroke and it was wrong. I had to take the engine out and send the crank back to Crankworks because they had rebuilt the wrong crank and they threw out my 785 crank. They agreed to re-stroke the crank for free and they sent it back to me. I again assembled the engine and the compression was better. But still not high enough considering I had the head milled down by Group K. I called crankworks again and they said they never measured the rod length because the tech had thrown out my original 785 rods and they had nothing to compare to. Now the engine is assembled and in the ski again and it starts and runs but bogs at low rpm and loads up with fuel. That is because the rod length is incorrect and the pistons pass the ports at the wrong time. What this thing needs is a set of OEM PRO785 rods.10-18-2017 4-05-31 PM.png20180725_200144.jpg20180725_195919.jpg20180725_200201.jpg20180725_200448.jpg20180725_200412.jpg20180725_200108.jpg20180725_200059.jpg20180725_200119.jpg20180725_200144.jpg20180725_195929.jpg20180725_200008.jpg20180725_195919.jpg

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    Re: NICE Polaris PRO785 need a set or rods or need to get rid of this thing!

    You should have made them buy new used parts and rebuild those like they were supposed to do to begin with.
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