I hope someone can help, I dont know what to think. I have this 03 yamaha xlt 800 that has no spark and refuses to. It worked good and just died outa nowere last year. Lost spark, ok, thinking not that bad there are not that many components to an ignition sys. Found a manual disconnected kill switch,checked it with meter, open when off, checked the temp sensor n circit seems good. Try it with both disconnected, still nothing. Look up specs and wire colors ohm out stator ( pickup, charge, and lighting) all come back good. Ohm out grounds and make sure all grounds are there. Coil looked the same as one on F25 yamaha outboard thats around, works on there. So Im thinking probably the cdi. Order a cdi and plug it in and still no spark. I go over everything again multiple times take the stator out checking the wiring between stator and cdi on bench. check grounds try adding some with jumper wires. Ohm stator, check cranking voltage off stator .I do all this multiple multiple times and finally think must have got a bad cdi. So the story goes I order another one and got it today plugged it in and no spark. Thinking I couldnt have got another bad one all 3 cant be bad, I check everything again grounds are good. It has voltage going into the cdi. Everything ohms out good yet no voltage coming out of cdi. Am i loosing my mind or can i really have had 3 cdi boxes in a row I highly doubt it. As of 20 min ago last check i did the charge coil while cranking was between 152-154v on da meter witha dva and was at 321-322 ohms. The pickup was 6.3-7.4 v and ohmed out at 497-498. The lighting was just over 14 n a half v at cranking and ohmed out just barely over 1. I had the stator out 4 times now. cheking wires arming and disarming security checking grounds still nothing could i really have got 3 bad cdi. This last one it does put out .6v to coil out of cdi when cranking. Frustrated and lost any new idea or help would be appreciated or fresh look am ioverlooking something? Thanks