Hi all,

Apologies for most likely missing a tonne of other post relating to this but here goes.

I have a 93 550sx in its full original glory, and i love it. Ive been riding a short while now and im lookong for some advise to help improve both my riding and the skis performance on the lake. I am looking to up my game from recreational riding to more race style and performance instead of freestyle/tricks. Anyway onto the ski.
As i said before its a stock 93 550 except for a bilge pump and straight bars. From reading online i have read that the models with the jetpower exhaust are better? Ive also read about many people removing the rear sponsons to aid carving, and ocean pro ride plates seem to be highly recommend which i think i have fitted already. I dont plan on spending a fortune on the ski heavily modifying it as it is a stepping stone towards a superjet (for racing) when funds allow. So, im thinking,
-pro water craft front tubbies
-pro water craft rear sponsons
-tray mat kit
-new bars and grips
-respray and new decals

Whats peoples opinions on the oem v aftermarket sponsons?

As for me riding the old girl, i can recreational ride, but chasing buoys seems very unpredictable on the 550. I can carve but i cant seem to turn harder and fast without falling or lifting the pump out and sliding. I think the issues is too little throttle and leaning whilst stood upright without crouching and leaning.

Any help would be most appreciated and apologies for the many questions. Thanks all,