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Thread: Just got home

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    Frequent Poster cornhole's Avatar
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    May 2010
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    Just got home

    That's right boys & girls, it's your man, Ole Corny the Kid & I'm back. The past few years have been tough as I've fallen off the wagon a few times. Let's be honest, I didn't just fall off, I crashed that beeotch!

    My last indiscretion got me a long bid. So before the jail rape jokes & assertions that I engaged in ghey activities, for the record, it didn't happen. As a matter of fact, I ended up shagging one of the administration girls for a few years. Ole Corny still has it fellas, I have always had that ability to manipulate the minds of females.

    So anyway, I'm out and even though I lost everything, it feels good to be home. All I have left are the memories of the days when Corny the Kid was factory Kawasaki's golden boy. Beating, Mac, Flo, all them guys followed Corny around the buoys until I went off the deep end. At least I'll always have those memories that no one can take away.

    Lost all my buddies too. Tut, Donkey, & all the guys who I would party for days on end with, they all are still in the game. Either running hoes, slinging dope & drinking like fish. But not me, Ole Corny the Kid is sober as a judge. So I'm here to be a member of the community & guide any of you who need X2 advice, or life support in terms of staying clear of intoxicants, along with respecting the ladies & peace officers.

    A legend is amongst yall. And although I may not be a fast as I was back then, I am still Corny the Kid after all!

    Show some love. And respect one of the greatest to ever sling a leg over an X2. I paved the way for you, and I did it with style and reckless abandonment!
    I didn't just get home, rather I've been flying low in an effort to stay out of the cage!

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    Resident Guru JC-SuperJet's Avatar
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    Cypress, TX

    Re: Just got home

    Welcome back.

    The X2 is back too and lots of questions to answer about them!

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