My 1997 WaveVenture is having trouble starting. It wont start at all. It cranks. Compression is good. But it is running very rich (I think?). The after a few cranks the 3rd cylinder begins to spit out fuel. Not a huge amount, but little spritz.It has been extremely confounding since the each of the last two days I was able to start it up pretty easily.

The first day I did have to spray a little starter fluid into the carb to get it to cooperate, but the next day (yesterday), no issues. Something I did notice today is that the spark plugs were pretty drenched with black fuel, so I cleaned them off put em back, but won't start.

I was cleaning the engine bay today, Is it possible I caused a short in the starter relay? Also, it is possible I may have left the fuel on overnight. But I don't really remember.

Lemme know what yall think. Thanks