650sx riders

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Thread: 650sx riders

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    PWCToday Newbie njvx's Avatar
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    650sx riders

    Still getting my 650sx going, had one a few years ago prior to this one, learned to at least stand up on it and turn somewhat comfortably, then eventually sold it as i had my first son. Still very much a beginner rider with stand ups

    Anyhow, excited to get my ski up and running, ive been watching videos of 650sx's on YouTube and been watching old ijsba races.
    But this brings me to my questions.
    I know the 650sx is considered a turd ski, with sluggish handling, but was the 650sx ever raced by riders like Jeff jacobs or fischetti?
    I know 550's were his thing, but ive seen races with him on 750s as well. I really haven't seen much about them racing um
    My other question is, all the youtube vids ive seen, there constantly falling or powersliding, again i know its characteristic of the ski. But in the hands of a well seasoned rider, can you carve a bouy course well with one? Any riders that can rip there 650sx with minimal falling? Or is this just something thats very hard or even impossible with a 650sx?
    Thanks guys, was just curious.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home wmazz's Avatar
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    Re: 650sx riders

    I don't know if PJS ever raced an actual 650 hull, but I do
    know that PJS made some huge engines based on the
    550 engine. So Jeff's 650's were actually modified 550's to
    nearly 650 cc.

    Bill M.

    When PJS went bankrupt, all kinds of stuff from the R&D
    department got rolled out by the service department.
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    Horsepower == Speed, RPM != Speed

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    Resident Guru sportsfreak29's Avatar
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    Re: 650sx riders

    Prowatercraft Racing front sponsons and ride plate for sure. MMF aluminum handle pole, 44sbn carb, factory pipe and a Skat 9/17.

    With these mods your ski will be an arm jerking monster, and will carve much better.
    If you're not crashing, then you're not trying!!!

    Ski situation in limbo!

    Special thanks to Chris Newmiller, and Mitchell at M&M Marine!

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    Re: 650sx riders

    I think Jeff may have used a 650sx setup for the slalom ra es one season. Only what I've seen on youtube.

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