98 XL 1200 bogs down at WOT

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    98 XL 1200 bogs down at WOT

    Background. late last year rebuilt engine with new pistons/rings/gaskets/new front and rear crank seal. had cylinders bored .5mm. Leak tested at 8psi for 1 hour several times before reinstalling engine. Also rebuilt carbs with mikuni kits. Ran great last fall and so far this year but took it out Sunday and ran really good unless I pulled the throttle all the way [at the last 1/4inch of travel on the throttle] it would start bogging down and rpms would drop as would speed. once I let off about a quarter inch it would rev back up and speed back up.

    During the rebuild, I obviously replaced the carb filters and the main filter. Checked the fuel cutoff for clogging/debris etc. clean.


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    Re: 98 XL 1200 bogs down at WOT

    Pull carbs & check filters...

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Re: 98 XL 1200 bogs down at WOT

    I'd be curious as to the outcome. I have a 98 1200; almost similar problem, although once it stalls, it easily starts back up. It runs along just fine, briefly, and then suddenly slows. Once at idle, it is good to go again (doesn't stall all of the time).

    Watercraft are beyond my repair skills, but having it in an area where the repair shop has a captive audience, I'd like to at least know what I may be getting into and ask intelligent questions. Thanks.

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