I bought the tools that sbt said i need for the 92 xp pump rebuild , Its tool #80-102 and #80-105 , My shop manual only shows tool #80-102 for doing bearings on both sides as well as the seal , Anyway i pressed the bearings in but the tool 80-105 for the venturi side pressed it in about .030 more than the manual says too , not sure if that matters or not , it doesn't seem like it would. I used the #80-102 tool for the pump seal like the manual shows but it mangled the seal from pressing it in too far ? Was i supposed to use the 80-105 tool for the seal ? it does say for bearing/seal install so does 80-102 so which one is for the seal ? I should've just done it by eye but i followed the manual that said press the seal in until the tool contacts the housing like i did with the bearings. Hope i can find a seal tomorrow , Sucks because i was supposed to be finished tonight and put it in tomorrow for the rest of the season. Any help is appreciated as this is my first pump rebuild.
Jet Pump Tools 001 by Nuclearcobra, on Flickr